About Us プロフィール

Maya Masaki Knighton is a bicultural, bilingual singer/songwriter who spent many of her formative years abroad. Returning to Japan, she taught English pronunciation to aspiring jazz vocalists and worked in music management in Kobe, also recording and performing in rock bands and a wide range of other jazz, fusion, and reggae ensembles before moving to Tokyo.

Ian MacDougall is from Canada, where he spent much of his youth in a futile attempt at rock’n’roll stardom before packing that in and moving to Japan, where he was a member of the early-90s gaijin-house legend Hotel No-tell.

Maya and Ian met through acoustic sessions organized for many years by promoter Nick Ward, and formed Magic Marmalade in the spring of 2015. A series of serendipitous events has led to the recording of a CD of Maya’s songs, the eponymous ‘Magic Marmalade’, released July 5th, 2016. She describes the songs, some of whose lyrics are in English and some in Japanese, as ‘spiritually inclined, with a heavy 60s influence, sometimes with a healthy dose of sarcasm.’

マジックマーマレードはバイリンガルのシンガーソングライター正木まや (Vo & G) とカナダ出身のギタリスト、イアン・マクドゥーガル (G & Vo)が組むアコースティック・デユオ。共通の友人が主催するジャムセッションを経て、2015年春にライブ活動を開始。2016年6月には、英語と日本語の歌詞で神秘を語るオリジナル8曲を収録したアルバム『マジックマーマレード』をリリース。